1.Sofa frame: The more solid the better

Generally, the sofa is the structure of wood, such as hardwood, and even old wood and plank stuff. Many consumers believe that furniture is the heavier the better, in fact, it should be the same material the heavier the better. Some of the furniture will be used in the leftover material even the bark of material to fill the backrest of a sofa or the side of the armrest, it is not light, but use for a long time will be broken. Generally inexpensive sofa use hardwood, useful pine. The inner frame uses northeast larch, It is harder than general pine is not easy to deformation and firm. The wooden frame is mainly used by yellow poplar, no deformation, no cracking and texture clear. Auxiliary structure of the frame also has the single panel, WDF, plywood etc, not only a great difference in material quality, but environmental performance is also very different, especially formaldehyde content, you have to consider. (The details of a process: the cost of use polished flinch is higher than non-polished flitch, good furniture reflected in the details, it also reflects the intention of the factory.)Fabric sofa -Icesofa

The frame is generally enclosed in the outer packing, consumers can not see it. However, there are a number of well-known brands on the bottom of the sofa drapery with a zipper, you can easily see the internal structure of the sofa. If it is closed, and you want to know sofa frame is firm, you can lift one end of the three seat sofa, pay attention to when the lifting part 10cm off the ground, then if the other end of the legs also off the ground, the frame is firm. The bottom of a good sofa can see the internal structure, you can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of the internal timber, an ordinary sofa is made with the black mesh cloth to cover simply.

2. The elasticity of the cushion is better.

The sofa cushion has two types, one is a spring package, one is a sponge. The low-end sofa use serpentine spring(vertical spring), foam rubber and doll cotton, it is not durable and rubber hardening will be uncomfortable, so it can only use for three to five year. The mid-range products use a firmer high elastic bandage and not easily deformed lateral S-shaped spring, the filler mainly uses high rebound memory sponge. The cushion should choose density of more than 35kg/cubic meter high elastic foam sponge, backrest should choose density of more than 25kg/cubic meter high elastic foam sponge, so not easily deformed. Other places use more than 20 density sponge.
The filler of the sofa has cotton, generally placed on the sponge to increase the softness and comfort of the sofa. The corner of sofa and inside of the backrest is filled with cotton, it is soft, feel smooth, warm, comfortable and good permeability. High-grade sofa used eiderdown, which should be the best filler, is it warm, comfortable, good permeability and a strong sense of sitting. It can also according to the different automatic shape of human body parts to hold up the people.

The best test verifies sofa resilience is let the body of free fall sitting on the sofa, your body bounced by the cushion at least 2 times, this will ensure that this functional sofa with good elasticity and more durable. Use the hand to press the sofa arm and backrest, if can obviously feel the wooden frame, it is proved that this set of sofa packing density is not high and flexibility also not good enough. Easily feel the wooden frame can accelerate the wear of the sofa sets and not durable.

Fabric sofa -Icesofa3. The fabric is as high as possible.

The surface of the sofa with leather and cloth based, including artificial leather, microfiber leather, PU leather do not consider.50% of the cost of leather sofa is cowhide, which imported from Italy, head layout cowhide is the best, its crust is flexible and firm, the leather not much processing, feel smooth and soft, light smell and more environmentally friendly. Followed by domestic leather, the middle-end products are more common.

Do not listen to the salesperson said that their sofa is a leather sofa, less than $10,000 can not buy a leather sofa, you can refer to this argument.
As for the fabric, a variety of fabrics can be divided into domestic and imported. Great different in fabric, generally divided into linen, cotton, blended chemical fiber. European and American professional manufacturers of sofa fabric are high quality, minimal chromatic aberration, high colorfastness, fabric without skew, especially some high-grade fabrics to improve the antifouling ability, the surface is carried out special treatment. The imported high-grade fabric also has anti-static, flame retardant and other function. Natural materials in cotton, hemp are more common.

Purchase skills: Felling the sofa with your hand, whether there is irritate the skin. We can look if the parts of the fabric color are uniform, the seam is firm and smooth and fine workmanship. Opening the pillow zipper, look and touch the lining cloth and filler; Lift up the bottom of the sofa to see it is fine. You can look if the sofa leg is straight and smooth, the bottom of the sofa leg with non-slip mat.