Sofa market is dazzling, which need to know about several points of purchasing a sofa, the following is a simple introduction about the strategy of purchasing a sofa.

1.ExteriorFabric sofa -Icesofa

First, the size of sofa meet the requirements of ergonomics. Second, you need to consider the size of space, according to the size of space and furniture to determine the size of the sofa. Usually, consider the following aspects:

(1)The height of the sofa seat: The height is equal to or slightly lower the height of a person’s leg adds a shoe heel, between 35 to 42cm. Too high will lead the feet dangling, a person’s weight will load to the led, the muscles of the back will be too tight. Too low will lead to the reduction of the stress surface of the thigh, also can cause muscular soreness.

(2)The width of the front part of the double seat sofa should be higher than 48cm, while the single seat sofa should be less than that. Three seat sofa should be between 140 to 145cm, the depth of seat between 48 to 55cm.

(3)When purchasing a sofa, the height of the back should be between the shoulder and the ear. Normally, from the ground to the top of the back is about 68 to 72cm.

Fabric sofa -Icesofa2.Color

When purchasing a sofa, the color is also important, normally, the color of the sofa and the living room decoration tone need to have contrast, but the timber、other living room furniture color keep consistency.

(1)When purchasing a sofa,  if the living room decoration color is dark, you need to choose some bright colors to avoid the dull sense of the whole living room, such as white、orange 、sky-blue color、light green and so on.

(2)If the color of the floor and wall is light color series, you need to choose some dark colors, such as gray、black、nut-brown and so on.

(3)If another furniture in the living room is made of metal and glass, the handrail and bracket will also be metal, a dark or light color will be OK.