Each pet owners should have a problem that when pet hair loss in the room, sofa and everywhere in the house, what should we do?Leatehr sofa -Icesofa

How to clean up the pet’s hair: Do not use fabric furniture.

Pet’s hair is generally attached to the carpet or sofa, in the spring of pet molting, it is best to remove your carpet, even if just a simple small carpet, it is better to give up. In general, for the leather sofa, the wood sofa will be easy to clean up the hair, but fabric sofa is difficult, especially the sofa with a cushion that is the best place to stay. therefore, it is best to remove some unimportant fabric furniture in spring, so you can reuse it after molting.

How to clean up the pet’s hair: Vacuum cleaner, the adhesive tape is useful.

For that pet’s hair, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning tool and has large and small vacuum cleaner is better. You can clean the hair on the floor and sofa use by a general type vacuum cleaner with strong adsorption capacity, and for some clothes which adhesion with hair, you can use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean up. Hair-intensive areas, you can use adhesive tape which has a strong viscosity and wrapped it around a broom that it is very convenient to clean the hair in the corner.

How to clean up the pet’s hair: To prepare a comb to help pet hair removal.

When molting, preparing a pet combat home, when you have free time, you can help them to comb the hair, most of the hair will be attached to the comb, so you can help pet’s hair removal. In addition, for those who frequently hair loss, we must first check the feeding method if is proper. If the dog is supposed to eat dog food, it is easy to hair loss if eating salty food; And then help the dog to take a bath in 7-10 days, this will prevent the formation of sebaceous glands and result in hair follicles blocked, because the skin disease of the pet is also easy to lose hair. On the basis of scientific feeding, you can often comb the hair to promote blood circulation, so you can avoid the hair loss.