Comfort in the most important factor to select a sofa.

A good set of the sofa if the place is not suitable, no matter how beautiful, it will be a killjoy, only combined with the actual situation in the living room in order to fully demonstrate the beauty of the sofa, and to maximize the use of the sofa. The sofa should be placed on the function and size of the living room to consider the location of the sofa. Small room appropriate use the small size solid wood sofa or small fabric sofa to make the room have more space; You can put a large sofa with a coffee table in the living room, it is more convenient and comfortable. It is too late to consider how to put after you bought a sofa. Leatehr sofa -Icesofa

The line-styled layout is very common, sofa layout along with a wall with line-style and put the tea table in front of the sofa, it is practical for the small size living room. The purpose of this arrangement is to save space and increase the range of activities, that is suitable for the family that have small size but more members and pay attention to activity space.

L-shape is common in the living room, it is made up of the double sofa and three seat sofa or three seat sofa with two single sofa.3+1+1 is the most common type of sofa in the middle size. Three sofas opposite TV cabinet and two single sofas at both sides, it can accommodate 5 people. The advantages are comfortable to use and simple combination. When choosing this combination, three seat sofa and a single sofa can be coordinated, also completely different. For example, three seat sofa choose fabric sofa, the single sofa is a leather sofa or a Chinese classical style wooden chair. But the distance between them is not too large, so as an inconvenience when talking.

Leatehr sofa -IcesofaCorner shape: Sofa placed along a wall in the corner, to be an open space for people to communicate with each other, it is suitable for the square living room, we suggest to buy a movable sofa to make the living room has more space to let people talk with each other and enhanced functionality. It is made up of four-seat corner sofa and two single sofas or four-seat corner sofa with double sofa. Four seat sofa in the living room provides more opportunities to meet with clients. Here’s four-seat sofa or five seat sofa are all suitable, with two single sofas or a double sofa is consisting of an independent reception area, it can be supplied to more than 6 people to talk to. A single corner sofa can also provide for the people to have a rest. In order to be comfortable, you can change a single sofa into a lounge chair.