Sofas are one of the greatest investments that you will make in your house. Not only is it necessary but it holds the home together and provides a leisure unwinding place for you and the whole family. However, as one may have already realized it is not easy to find a good sofa is difficult and may at times seem impossible especially since they seem to be breaking apart every other year. Below are tidbits to help one chose the correct sofa manufacturer and find the best sofa supplier.


The frame is the most important component of the sofa hence it makes sense to focus on that if you are looking at durability. At the very least you should look for a sofa that will support a lot of weight without giving in thus limiting cases of it breaking down every other year. Durable frames are made either of beech, ash or oak wood that is great for lifetime sofas investments. However, if you are pressed on a budget, pine is also a good option though has a limited life of about 10 years. At the most ensure you steer clear of sofas made of particle board or metal as the warp fast.Fabric sofa -Icesofa


To avoid cases where sofas simply just fall apart, the next sensible thing to inquire from a sofa factory is the joinery. It should be solid and made of good workman skill that is either wooden dowels or double wooden dowels. If possible choose one that is double bonded that is using glues and screws for extra support. In choosing a durable sofa, avoid those held together by staples or glue only as this will leave you red-faced and furious at a bad investment after some time. 

Tough textiles

Ideally, when one invests in a sofa one should keep in mind that it will be used every day for long periods of time. This means that when investing in a sofa, the textiles that you choose should be able to withstand basic wear and tear. Cotton and linen textiles prove to be great choices as they can withstand almost anything. However, if your budget is a little restricted, synthetic microfiber is the next best choice and it mimics most fabrics and has bonus characteristic of being stain resistant. No matter how beautiful they seem, avoid blends as they peel within a year. If you choose a patterned type to go with the house design, choose one that is woven instead of being printed on top.


As one would naturally be drawn to soft cushiony sofas it will be wise to actually look further into it when deciding which sofa supplier to use. When choosing in should ensure that it is neither too saggy or too hard and hence just right and comfortable. Easy care cushion filling should be a priority as you embark on the search. As the market is flooded with all kinds of low density and high-density foams cause fair pricing; the sometimes proves to be inadequate due to being too soft or hard. Unfortunately, the next best cushion fiber in terms of price is the Poly-fiber blends that flatten too fast. To end up with a high-quality sofa choose high resilient foam that basically a mixture of high resilient foam and polyester and though expensive it will offer maximum comfort.

Leatehr sofa -IcesofaReputation

Finally look into the reputation of the sofa manufacturer that has met all the criteria. With this age of technology, most businesses have online platforms where you can do sales, order, and review a business. Take advantage of this and delve deeper into what other clients of theirs had to say about their services and products. Choose a manufacturer with above average review ratings and who offer great sales policy, offer professional customer case and have fair pricing. with adequate background on the sofa manufacturer, you will make a good choice. 

Stick to budget 

Having checked and decided to use a particular sofa factory, ensure that the sofa that is made available is actually in accordance with your approximate budget. At the end ensure you stick to your budget, no need in investing in a high-priced sofa and end up running high in debt for months to come.