The functional convertible sofa can simply divide into three categories:Fabric sofa -Icesofa

(1)Manual functional sofa: The function of this functional sofa mainly needs us to operate, the extension and rotation of the sofa as the representative.

(2)Electric functional sofa: The functional operation of this kind of sofa is established under the condition that the user selects and more convenient than a manual functional sofa. This kind of sofa in addition to the extension and rotation function, the most representative of the function is to massage.

(3)Functional sofa bed: This kind of sofa not only can be used as a bed can also be used as a sofa. This kind of sofa integrates the function of bed into the sofa, so people can have a better rest on the sofa, when not extending use as a sofa, when to open it, you can use as a bed. This kind of sofa is very convenient and save space for the small-size home.

Fabric sofa -IcesofaHow to choose a functional sofa?

(1)Look, We can look if the parts of the fabric color are uniform, the seam is firm and smooth and fine workmanship. We also need to observe the quality of hardware components on the sofa.

(2)Press. We can press the sofa to observe the recovery of the sofa. The specific method is to let the body of free fall sitting on the sofa, your body bounced by the cushion at least 2 times, this will ensure that this functional sofa with good elasticity and more durable.

(3)Ergonomics of sofa: In simple terms, when we are sitting on the sofa, each part of the body contact with the sofa is comfortable. Usually, the best choice for a higher backrest sofa, so as to be more comfortable hold our head. For the waist-hip, it also fits the radian of the human body, so long as we sit on the sofa long time, there will not be uncomfortable.