It is important to take good care of the leather couches, which can indirectly affect the life of them. But how to do it correctly?
Leatehr sofa -Icesofa1. Put it on the flat surface, better with a mat or carpet.
2. Never stand or jump on the couch to avoid the spring recess.
3. When sitting on the couch, the number of people should not exceed the max rated number and never sit on the armrest to shake.
4. At least 5CM away from the wall, so that to ventilate as much as possible.
5. To avoid the aging of the leather from direct sunlight for a long time.
6. Only need to wipe off the dust with a cotton cloth or dust collector.
7. Smooth the surface by hand to recover when sitting for a long time. So that to reduce the phenomenon of slight recess and fold.
8. At least 80CM away from the heating resource, for instance, the warmer.
9. Pay attention to use the dry cloth in the raining season, change air when the sun comes out, but never expose in direct sunlight over one hour.
10. Use the leather care agent every two months, but need to wipe off the dust with a dry cloth before.
11. Never use the wax-care agent, it may cause blocking pores.
12. Never use the water to clean them, it may swell the leather.