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New skills: How to clean up the sofa when the pet’s hair falls off?

Each pet owners should have a problem that when pet hair loss in the room, sofa and everywhere in the house, what should we do? How to clean up the pet’s hair: Do not use fabric furniture. Pet’s hair is generally attached to the carpet or sofa, in the spring of pet molting, it [...]

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The most important factor in the selection of the sofa

Comfort in the most important factor to select a sofa. A good set of the sofa if the place is not suitable, no matter how beautiful, it will be a killjoy, only combined with the actual situation in the living room in order to fully demonstrate the beauty of the sofa, and to maximize [...]

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What is the functional convertible sofa?

The functional convertible sofa can simply divide into three categories: (1)Manual functional sofa: The function of this functional sofa mainly needs us to operate, the extension and rotation of the sofa as the representative. (2)Electric functional sofa: The functional operation of this kind of sofa is established under the condition that the user selects [...]

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Tips of purchasing sofa

Sofa market is dazzling, which need to know about several points of purchasing a sofa, the following is a simple introduction about the strategy of purchasing a sofa. 1.Exterior First, the size of sofa meet the requirements of ergonomics. Second, you need to consider the size of space, according to the size of space [...]

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